Hey there! Welcome to my ThinkLikeLucy blog. If you’ve seen my work before it may have been from Facebook, Instagram, or maybe you even know me in person. I’m new to this blogging world so please bare with me. I guess I should introduce myself. Obviously, I’m the woman behind the name – Lucy.

This is me taking a shot at deep diving my brain waves into the fibre streets of the web to communicate with you virtually.

I’m 20 years old and currently work in the finance industry(no it’s not boring), I work in the digital department of the bank. I can confirm my department is a fast paced and social enviroment suitable for us youngsters to professionally develop. In my spare time I obsess over new technology and holiday planning. I have 2 polaroid cameras and a digital DSLM brought to me by Lumix which leads me nicely onto my main hobby… you guessedΒ  it! Photography.

So why the blog? Why the website? I guess I’m hoping to find my place inside this multiverse of technical beings. I know I belong online but I’ve never quite found my way into the digital atmosphere. If you like my stuff, a little tap of the follow button would be cool.

Here are my latest posts – Click one to view :

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