Toronto, 5 must do’s.

Last month, I was lucky enough to fly to Canada and stay in the heart of Toronto for 11 days. One thing I would suggest is to research and plan before you go(this is what I always do). I use a number of apps including TripAdviser to find places we should visit during our travels. I highly recommend buying the Toronto CityPass as a few of my favourite places below come included in that deal. You can read more about the CityPass here, I bought it and collected from Ripley’s Aquarium using a swappable voucher code.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

I loved this place! The photos I got really show how wonderful it was. It is suitable for kids, adults, couples, friends… honestly, everybody should go if you’re ever in town. The cafe was a little expensive but you are near a lot of food places so we just walked to the food court(10/15 mins).

– Access with the Toronto CityPass

BATL | The Backyard Axe Throwing League

Yes, Axe throwing is a sport. I had an incredible time at BATL, the staff were AMAZING. Super friendly and didn’t make you feel awful when you missed the target. We went as a couple to the walk in session and they noticed we were waiting so they put us on a new section with a different instructor so that we could have better use of our time there. Safe to say it was 100% undoubtably worth the money and we will be going back in the future. The adrenaline rush of throwing an axe was crazy not to mention competing against your significant other and strangers gives you a rush to succeed. When you’ve finished learning the ropes you get a 5 minute upgrade session when they give you the chance to throw a MEGA axe – cool right?! … if you fancy adding this to your plan then check them out here to see where they are located.

Casa Loma

I took loads of photos and even managed to film the  tunnels under Casa Loma as I wanted to show people the incredible experience we had. This is a very popular movie location and if you’re a fan of Xmen then you will certainly recognise some key locations within the castle. It truly was a breathtaking location to go, we got there via the hop on hop off bus so travel wise it was quite straight forward.

– Access with the Toronto CityPass


You don’t have to get gravy, we got cheese, cheese curds, bacon and spring onions. Canada food is simply amazing, we feasted on poutine, beavertails(its a dessert don’t worry), maple cream, maple biscuits… the list goes on. A must do of mine was to get real Poutine, we found a number of great locations but one that was our favourite was located in the Eaton Centre food court so try and plan a day to go here. The main pick up point for the Hop on Hop off bus was just over the road and next to The Hardrock Cafe too!

CN Tower

If you are looking to take in the city from above then this place needs to be on your list. We went in the middle of the week when we could see it wasn’t cloudy or foggy. The view was unbelievable, our time there was great, you queue for a lift and it takes you up in a very short amount of time. Due to the wind, the lift had to be slowed down but even going slow it only took 4 minutes or less. We couldn’t go on the outside bit because it was extremely windy but I don’t think we missed out on anything as you could see perfectly through the windows. We got our photo taken prior to going up but I was disappointed with it because the man didn’t take any care in making sure we were both smiling or even ready for the photo so when they offered us it at the end for almost 50CAD then of course we weren’t very impressed. All in all though, for a tourist location I would highly recommend a visit just get a small souvenir like a coin press or your own photos from the top rather than one on a green screen.

– Access with the Toronto CityPass

So there you have it, my top 5 things from Toronto. Stay tuned for our next adventure(TBC). I hope my recommendations help with your planned trip.

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